New London 2010 postcard available 8th January

The fourth in a series of philatelic postcards promoting London 2010: Festival of Stamps has now been issued. Postcard #4 features the original metal master die for Bertram Mackennal’s ‘Seahorse’ design with three colour trials, one of the treasures of the British Postal Museum & Archive’s philatelic collection. The postcard comes free with the February 2010 issue of Stamp & Coin Mart magazine sold in WH Smith from 8 January 2010. 

The postcard shows the original metal master die for the Seahorse design with colour trials (September 1912)

Original metal master die for Seahorse design with colour trials (September 1912). As the Union Flag on the shield was heraldically inaccurate, the flag was removed from the transfer roller and re-engraved on each master die for the different values.

Postcard #4 is exclusive to Stamp & Coin Mart, but postcards #2 and #3 can be obtained free of charge by visiting our Archive Search Room. Postcard #1 is no longer available, but limited edition complete sets of London 2010 postcards will be available for purchase later in the year.

The ‘Seahorse’ high value definitives were some of the most iconic stamps produced during the reign of George V.  A noted philatelist, George V, took great interest in the production of the ‘Seahorse’ definitives and suggested they be recess (intaglio) printed. The ‘Seahorse’ stamps are just one of the postal treasures and innovations from the reign of King George V that will feature in the exhibition Empire Mail: George V and the GPO, at Guildhall Art Gallery from 7 May – 25 July 2010.

For more on London 2010: Festival of Stamps visit

BPMA Curator of Philately Douglas Muir will be speaking on the stamp, medal and coinage designs of Bertram Mackennal at the BPMA on 7 October 2010. See our website for details.

6 responses to “New London 2010 postcard available 8th January

  1. I’m not too disappointed that this card is in S&CM but surely not only those in WHSmith? What about all the subscribers, or those of us who live in the sticks and only see a WHS about once a year if that?
    And some of us are Friends of the BPMA, and I don’t see anything special coming our way yet.

    • The first 3 postcards have been made freely available at many BPMA Friends’ events and there will be the opportunity to purchase the complete set later in the year. BPMA Friends will be able to take advantage of their exclusive 15% discount on this.

      We do believe the Friends organisation represents excellent value for money, including a high quality journal (Cross Post), discount on purchases and events and exclusive Friends events.

  2. Dr Richard Thacker

    I wish to purchase 3rd and 4th London 2010 postcards , how can I do this from Jersey please?

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  4. We are now offering all five London 2010: Festival of Stamps postcards for sale in the BPMA Shop. They come in a limited edition set with an information sheet.

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