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Opening today is Keep Me Posted the inaugural exhibition of POSTED – a temporary exhibition space in a former post office in East London, which is directed and curated by Julia Royse. This show launches POSTED as a platform for a series of art exhibitions, performances, screenings and workshops celebrating the ‘post’ and exploring our postal heritage.

POSTED - an exhibition space in a former post office in Hackney

POSTED - an exhibition space in a former post office in Hackney

The General Post Office used to be a powerful and important institution in Britain and, with postman delivering mail up to 8 times a day, it was relied upon to make same day appointments as well as communicating the usual news and views.

Mail art on display

Mail art on display

In 1902 the postcard appeared and was hugely popular as a quick and cheap method of sending announcements and thoughts and coined the phrase “I’ll be post carding you”. Today there are many artists who use postcards, stamps, stationery and letters in their work as well as those that use the postal service as part of the creative process either by writing letters, or sending artworks by mail.

George Bernard Shaw once said, “The perfect love affair is one which is conducted entirely by post”. We still enjoy poring over old letters examining the style and idiosyncrasies of handwriting and the choice of stationery however today we are less inclined to communicate through letters and cards. As texts and email are currently the most popular means of communication and many schools now use computers instead of pen and paper, one wonders what will happen to our handwriting skills over the forthcoming decades and there must be many young people today who have never experienced communication by post.

The exhibitions presented at POSTED will hopefully inspire people to put pen to paper again as well as reminding us of a time when communication was more personal and less generic.

The post office counter reimagined

The post office counter reimagined

Keep Me Posted is an exhibition of newly commissioned and loaned artwork, in a variety of disciplines, by established and emerging artists including Andreas Blank, Claire Brewster, Jo Broughton, Oliver Clegg, Julie Cockburn, Adam Dix, Sean Dower, Tracey Emin, Angus Fairhurst, Tom Gidley, Cate Halpin, Susie Hamilton, Rachel Howard, Duncan MacAskill, Polly Morgan, Julia Riddiough, Liisa Roberts, Jane Simpson, James White, Rachel Whiteread and Miyo Yoshido

Keep Me Posted runs until 26 September at 67 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG. The exhibition is open Thursday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm, or else by appointment. Keep Me Posted is part of London 2010: Festival of Stamps.

5 responses to “Keep Me Posted

  1. I can forgive the bad punctuation and maybe even the run on sentences, but of all organizations, the BPMA should know the difference between stationERY and stationARY.

  2. Melvyn Brooks

    I used to live in Wilton Estate and we had the papers delivered from 67 Wilton Way (or maybe “69”) next door was a fish shop and the other side Glinerts. Then a gap in the shops with empty space, probably the result of bomb damage and then Spenners Bakery. On the corner the Royal Oak Pub.
    I sent the ‘ Keep me Posted’ copies of some postcards of the area and would like to hear from them.
    My best wishes
    Melvyn H. Brooks

  3. Am I the only one seeing the irony in that last comment from Postal Heritage? I cant wait to see Keep Me Posted…

  4. If you like the idea of ‘Keep Me Posted’, then please do join my group on Facebook called, Bring Back Letter Writing. You will find it with a usual Facebook search. It was set up a few months ago for the reasons you will read on the homepage. Great news is that we have already secured sponsorship from the Royal Mail and will soon be looking to host old-fashioned letter writing evenings in a private members’ bar in Dalston. Clearly an irony that it’s being promulgated on Facebook but you have to start somewhere. Hope to see you there! x

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