PUC £1 facsimiles on sale next week

50 of the Postal Union Congress £1 facsimiles that were printed at the Empire Mail: George V and the GPO exhibition will be available to buy from the BPMA from 13 December.

PUC £1 facsimile

The price will be £50 (+ £4.00 postage and packaging), and they will come with a unique numbered insert.

The Postal Union Congress £1 is one of the most desired of all British stamps. It was issued in 1929 to commemorate the ninth Postal Union Congress in London. You can find out more about the PUC £1 on our website.

How to order:
We will not be taking orders until Monday 13th November at 9am.
Telphone: + 44 (0)20 7239 5125
E-mail: mailto:shop@postalheritage.org.uk

UPDATE, 13 December 2010: The PUC £1 facsimiles are sold out.

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