We Love Your Blog

I Love Your Blog awardToday one of our favourite blogs, Quad Royal, declared us a blog they love. As part of accepting this award it is now up to us to name some of our favourite blogs. Here they are, in no particular order:

Pakistan Philatelic Net Club
A regularly updated blog with articles on stamps, coins, banknotes and major auctions.

World Stamp News and Philately News
These blogs are updated all the time, and are a great way to find out about the latest stamp issues around the world.

Machin Mania
An interesting and well-researched blog with Machin enthusiasts (and newcomers) in mind.

Adrian Keppel, a regular contributor to various stamp magazines, blogs about stamps from all over the world, but with a focus on Europe and former British colonies.

Norvic Philatelics
The blog of stamp dealers Norvic Philatelics is a great news source for the latest British issues, and often documents errors.

My Philately
Eric in France collects mint stamps from France and China, all stamps issued in 1966, stamps about frogs and toads, and rugby-themed stamps. He regularly displays gems from his eclectic collection on this blog.

Post Secret
Something a little different (and strictly for adults)…a fascinating art project inviting people to confess their secrets on a handmade postcard.

So Much Pileup
A graphic design-focused blog which celebrates 1960s-1980s stamps on Fridays.

The Philatelic Database
A website and blog with the serious philatelist in mind.

The Stamp Collecting Round-Up
A favourite of many stamp collectors which always offers something different and interesting.

The Wandering Genealogist
John Gasson’s blog chronicling his research into his family tree. John also blogs about postcards, maps and walking.

Pushing the Envelope
The Smithsonian National Postal Museum’s blog – well written and informative.

Letter Writer’s Alliance, Bashfully Designed and The Missive Maven
Stamps, mailart, ephemera, design, stationery…these three creative blogs will inspire you to send beautiful, handmade letters and cards to your friends.

An exploration of vintage postcards.

One response to “We Love Your Blog

  1. Thank you so much for the mention and compliments! I do appreciate it.

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