Postcardese –Coded Love and Tilted Stamps

Back in May we were pleased to welcome Guy Atkins to the BPMA to talk about his passion for Edwardian postcards. Guy runs the popular blog Postcardese, which explores the intrigue and beauty of old postcard messages.


Now available on our podcast is a recording of Guy’s talk in which he reveals the ingenuity to be found on the backs of vintage cards – from their encrypted declarations of love to the curious positioning of stamps.

The podcast is free to listen to on our website, or you can subscribe in iTunes or other podcast aggregators.

2 responses to “Postcardese –Coded Love and Tilted Stamps

  1. Is there any chance of a copy of the chart on the position af stamps? similar to that on the website. I have found a few in my collectioin and would life more info. I have been collecting for about 50 years postscards from around the world.

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