The Post Office in Pictures – Photography Competition Winners

We are very pleased to announce the two winners of our photography competition. They are…

Under-16 winner – Eleanor Bennett from Cheshire for her photo Last in the Village

Last in the Village by Eleanor Bennett

Last in the Village by Eleanor Bennett

Eleanor says:

I thought I had no chance of winning. The post office has always been very important to me when entering art/photography competitions. I love being able the walk down to my village when I know of people whose post offices are miles and miles away. Me and my Mum don’t drive so it is very important that local people use their local post offices.

Over-16 Winner – Mark Massey from Essex for his photo The Ambassadors

The Ambassadors by Mark Massey

The Ambassadors by Mark Massey

Mark says:

I have been taking photos as a hobby for about 5 years now and over the last couple of years I’ve entered quite a few competitions, but until now I’ve never won a thing. I enjoy taking pictures just for the fun of it, but nevertheless it’s a great feeling to be recognised like this. I have two daughters aged under 4 so my free time is very limited… so I usually carry my camera around and take pictures on the street when I’m on my way to work or in my lunch break, which is when my winning image was taken. This competition is also particularly special to me because the Post Office is close to my heart as my Dad, now retired, was a postman for 20 years.

Eleanor and Mark have each won a prize from audio visual retailer Sight2Sound. You can see their photos, along with those of all the finalists, as part of The Post Office in Pictures, our photography exhibition which opens in Swindon tomorrow.

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