Ask Pieter Huveneers

Pieter Huveneers is a designer popular amongst GPO poster enthusiasts for, amongst other things, his designs for airmail and telephones.

Send your overseas parcels by Air Mail, April 1954 (POST 110/3220)

Send your overseas parcels by Air Mail, April 1954 (POST 110/3220)

For some decades he has lived and worked in Australia where he has designed logos for national brands such as Australia Post and the Westpac bank. But as a blog published last year by Quad Royal highlighted, little is known about the man whose designs are iconic on opposite sides of the world.

Recently we made contact with Pieter Huveneers, who is currently living on Australia’s east coast. Mr Huveneers has kindly agreed to speak to us about his work for the GPO and to allow his answers to be published on this blog. If you have a question for Pieter Huveneers, please leave a comment below or e-mail it to by Wednesday 7 December. A selection of questions and answers will be published in January.

2 responses to “Ask Pieter Huveneers

  1. Could you ask him how the got his first commission for the GPO? And also what other companies (whether commercial companies or advertising agencies he was working for at the time?
    And what’s his favourite design of the GPO ones?

  2. Tom Sullivan

    Does he have an opinion about preserving stamps from possible fire damage. Is a fire safe adequate (interior heat no more than 350 degrees or is a data safe needed which has better interior heat protection than a fire safe.

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