The Last Post

The final episode of The Peoples Post reminded us of some of the postal service’s great innovations. These included William Dockwra’s Penny Post, the development of the Mail Coach system, Rowland Hill’s postal reforms, the invention of the postage stamp, and the introduction of curb-side letter boxes.

Exterior of a Sub-Post Office, Bristol, 1980 (H11401c)

Exterior of a Sub-Post Office, Bristol, 1980 (H11401c)

Throughout the series we have also heard about how the postcode has changed our lives, and the ways in which cheap postage and telecommunications, developed in Britain, have made it easier to keep in touch and send our love.

With Christmas just two days away many of us are preparing to travel to be with family and friends. Seeing people in person is the ultimate way to communicate, but if you can’t there’s always the post. Leave your views on The Peoples Post series as a comment below, on our Facebook page, or tweet us using the hashtag #PeoplesPost.

For more on today’s episode of The Peoples Post see our webpage The Last Post. Further images can be found on Flickr. Use the Twitter hashtag #PeoplesPost to comment on the show.

One response to “The Last Post

  1. Whilst the final show was a lovely reminder of how life used to be, and the sense of community we all shared, one can’t help but think that this is just progress. That is what we are led to believe by our corporate bosses. Dominic said …”more to life than just profit and efficiency”. And for most of us yes, this is true. But for the CEOs and leaders of big businesses whilst the population (market) is growing, they want more growth. Regardless of product or service.

    It would be incredibly sad to see the name Royal Mail banished to the annals of history, along with the fate of Postman Pat. (As a parent to a young child, thee is a sense of irony that I have to resort to youtube for past episodes…)

    However, there is a part of me which believes that an entrepreneur somewhere will realise the value in the brand which is Royal Mail and save our public post service. And perhaps even Postman Pat in the process? We need a knight in shining armour – step forward Sir Branson or Sir Sugar, please.

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