New features on our website

Recently we introduced some new features on our website, built for us by Mind Unit.

Timeline of Key Dates

The first recorded examples of letter delivery in Great Britain date back to the 1st Century AD, when the Romans under Claudius introduced their messenger system. Navigate through postal history with our Timeline of Key Dates and discover how Britain’s postal system changed and expanded.

The Timeline looks not only at the history of postal delivery in the United Kingdom but charts the development of the telegraph, the evolution of the General Post Office and the Royal Mail, and the ways in which ordinary people have used the postal service. The Timeline is illustrated with stamp artwork and items from our collections, and there are links to other parts of our website which can tell you more about some of the topics covered.

The Timeline of Key Dates

The Timeline of Key Dates

Find the Timeline of Key Dates at

British Postal History

The British Postal History section of our website is a popular resource, consisting of articles giving overviews on a number of postal history topics. Subjects covered include Rowland Hill’s Postal Reforms, Postcodes, Women in the Post Office and Stamp Design. These articles are now illustrated by a greater number of images than before. All the images come from our collections, and you can make them larger by using the magnifying glass function. You can also scroll through the images as a slideshow using the NEXT and PREV buttons.

Make images larger in the British Postal History section

Make images larger in the British Postal History section

Find the British Postal History articles at

What would you like to see next?

We’re always interested in what you think of our website and social media offerings. Leave your suggestions as a comment below or fill in the Site Feedback form on our website.

Alison Bean – Web Officer

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