Unidentified object

Can you help us identify this object? It was transferred to us last week from the former post office in King Street, Maidstone. It was suggested to us that it could be an air pump.

The mystery object

The mystery object

If anyone has any suggestions about what it is or what it was used for, we’d be pleased to hear from them.

8 responses to “Unidentified object

  1. fire extinguisher?

  2. The ribbed band at the opening end is slightly reminiscent of a capsule for a Lamson Tube type pneumatic delivery system – perhaps to deliver messges/paper items vertically from upper to lower floors?

  3. Is it a large version of the “torpedo” that used to be used to transfer paperwork around department stores in tubes propelled by air at high pressure?

  4. David Harrop

    Its a “blower” used primarily for blowing dust away from postal franking machines! As one can imagine the passage of thousands of letters through these machines caused dirt dust etc to accumulate quickly,the use of this would alleviate the build up of “dirt”thus preventing poor date impressions etc! Hope this helps! D

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions and keep them coming. We’ve had some good suggestions on Twitter (@postalheritage) and our Facebook page too.

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