BPMA Summer Sale

The BPMA Shop summer sale starts today: It’s 20% off all orders! But hurry – this amazing offer only lasts for one week. Enter SUMM3R2012 in the appropriate field at checkout (excludes P&P) and place your order by 31 July 2012.

Savings Greetings Card Set

Savings Greetings Card Set

Choose from our range of unique postal heritage gifts: Learn more about our postal history and design with our publications, let someone know they’re the best with our First Class Greetings Card, get through this British Summer with our big BPMA Umbrella, or simply smarten up your standard business dress with a Penny Black Tie.

And just in time for “the greatest show on earth” the new book by the President of the Society of Olympic Collectors, Bob Wilcock, The London 1948 Olympic Games: A Collectors’ Guide is now also available.

Visit the BPMA show at http://www.postalheritage.org.uk/shop.

5 responses to “BPMA Summer Sale

  1. I’m trying to order “A Timeless Classic: the evolution of Machin’s icon” but the price doesn’t change from 19.95 even after I enter the discount code and press “Update price” – why?

    • Dear Shuki Raz,
      We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems when trying to use the BPMA summer sale discount code. If you enter SUMM3R2012 in the Discount code field and press “update price” (as you explained you did), you should find the following list on your screen:

      Total Items:1
      Subtotal: £19.95
      £3.99(Discount: SUMM3R2012)(inc. £0.00 VAT)
      Shipping: £3.50(inc. £0.58 VAT)
      Grand Total:
      £19.46(inc. £0.58 VAT)

      So, the subtotal for the book itself won’t change on screen but the Grand Total should. If you could perhaps send us some more information on this, that would be very helpful. We have so far received other orders with the discount code, so it should be working fine.
      You can email to shop@postalheritage.org.uk to get in touch with our Shop team directly.
      Many thanks,
      BPMA Shop.

  2. Thanks for the prompt answer.
    I tried it again and it worked so the order is in.
    Don’t know what happened.
    Anyway I am abroad so my shipping is more like 7 GBP.
    Thanks again

  3. Can’t wait 🙂

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