Distance users survey 2012

Back in April this year we participated in a national survey of distance users of British Archives. We have been taking part in the PSQG (Public Services Quality Group of the Archives and Records Association [UK and Ireland]) Survey of Visitors to British Archives for a number of years now, but this is the first time that a comparable survey had been conducted of distance users.

For the purposes of this survey, and our involvement in it, distance users were identified as those contacting us via email or post. On this occasion the survey did not extend to those contacting us by telephone, via our website or social media. These are areas we are keen to receive feedback on, but the nature and methodology of this particular survey was not suited to these audiences.

Firstly we would like to thank the 19 people who took the time to respond to our rather detailed survey (a 31% response rate). All input is gratefully appreciated. We are also very pleased that the overall level of satisfaction with our services was very good or good across all areas (quality of content, clarity of response, promptness of response, charges for goods and services, and the archive’s website). However we never take a high level of satisfaction for granted and we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Feedback is vital to ensure we continue to develop our services to meet our users current and future needs, both in our present location and as we continue to work towards our new centre.

Main reason for contacting archive chart

Although this particular survey has now closed we are always keen to receive feedback on our services, both on site and remotely. In November we will shortly be participating in the PSQG Survey of Visitors to British Archives, and during this time we will be asking all visitors to our Search Room to complete a survey (watch this space for further information). We also routinely ask email enquirers to provide feedback via a Survey Monkey link, and provide feedback forms on site and in response to letter enquiries. Feedback can also be provided via our website Feedback Form.

Helen Dafter – Archivist

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