Transfer of Mobile Post Office to Nene Valley Railway

On Monday 13 May, BPMA and Nene Valley Railway completed the transfer of a 1970s Mobile Post Office (OB1997.233 and 234) from BPMA to the railway, where it will be used in their interpretive and fundraising activities.

The 1970s Mobile Post Office. (OB1997.233 and 234)

The 1970s Mobile Post Office. (OB1997.233 and 234)

The Mobile Post Office, which has the number plate GGO 926J, was one of a number of vehicles that were de-accessioned from the BPMA collection some months ago and it is hoped that it will attract a large and appreciative audience in its new location.

Anyone seeking to view the vehicle at its new home should contact Nene Valley Railway for information on access and its location. Being a mobile office, this is bound to change in the years to come. However, it is very likely that the vehicle will be on display at their Rail Mail weekend on 13th/14th July 2013.

– Julian Stray, Curator

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