Arts Award students perform their own First World War poems

Congratulations to our twenty five ‘Communicating Conflict’ Bronze Arts Award students from Haverstock School in Camden. Last week they all successfully achieved their Arts Award certificate.

The Recruitment Drive

The Recruitment Drive

The students wrote poems inspired by the First World War objects and stories in the BPMA collection. You can read more about this Arts Council funded project in guest blogs by Haverstock students.

The students developed their writing skills in workshops with poet Joelle Taylor of Apples and Snakes, the leading organisation for performance poetry in England. Of this experience Joelle said;

“I have been astounded and humbled by both the quality of their poetry and their engagement with the project as a whole. They have shown a depth of understanding and empathy toward the past”.

On Tuesday the students performed their poems at the Roundhouse in Camden. I thought I’d share some photos with you.

Joelle and I lead the final rehearsal.

Joelle and I lead the final rehearsal.


Home by Christmas


Letters From The Front Line


It’s A Long Way to Tipperary

Of the performance, Caroline Bray, Arts Award advisor for Museums, Heritage and Libraries said;

“It was an absolute pleasure to come to the performance.  I was blown away by the work the young people had done, and the way they presented it. I had hoped that one of the things the (First World War) commemorations would achieve was a greater understanding of the war’s impact on `ordinary’ people and the heartfelt poems and seriousness with which the young people approached the performance showed this can be true”.


Students perform as the audience watches on.

The BPMA has been privileged to work with such a talented group of young people who have so thoughtfully commemorated the human experience of the First World War in their own words.

Check out our Flickr set of this project.

-Sally Sculthorpe, Learning Officer

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    Another post from the British Postal Museums Arts Award project to highlight the amazing, creative work young people are doing across the UK to mark and remember the First World War. Congratulations to everyone for achieving their award.

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