NEW PODCAST: Unstitching the Uniform

Last week Curator Joanna Espin gave a talk on the hidden stories behind our uniform collection at the Guildhall Library. In case you missed it, here is the podcast along with the accompanying slideshow.

One response to “NEW PODCAST: Unstitching the Uniform

  1. With regards the list of river postmen in the pool of London I think that possibly two names are the wrong way round. Samuel Lowden Evans (b.1797) served from 1832 after his father died until he died in 1845. Then his elder son, Samuel Evans (b. 1817) took over until 1856 when he died and then Samuel’s younger brother George T Evans (b.1827) took over in 1856 until 1885 when he retired from the post. Samuel and George T were both sons of Samuel Lowden Evans (my great great great grandfather).

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