Our blog has moved!

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This is the last blog you’ll find here, but we haven’t disappeared – we’ve upgraded!

In a little more than a year, we will be opening the doors to The Postal Museum. Gearing up for this excitement, we’ve got a new name, a new logo, and we’ve built a whole new website: postalmuseum.org.

Visualisation of how The Postal Museum might look

Our blog has a new home there – postalmuseum.org/blog – where we will be sharing more stories, discoveries and updates as we work towards opening.

Thank you to all our readers and we hope to see you over at postalmuseum.org!

2 responses to “Our blog has moved!

  1. I was a telegraph boy working at Wigmore Post Office W1 in 1954

  2. I like reading about different kinds of world stamps.. your blog is truly brilliant.. Thanks for posting such amazing articles.

    postal stamp of India

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