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  1. Hi,

    I’d like to suggest an addition to your blogroll:


  2. Hello! Are you interested in a fairly wideranging collection of mint-condition stamps accumulated in the past thirty years? They are mainly British and French.

    I want to donate them to a worthy body in my Will.

  3. Dear Sirs:

    I suggest you a link exchange.
    I just add a link to your blog in my website.
    My website’s basic facts:
    Title: Encyclopaedia Philatelica
    URL: http://www.encyclopaediaphilatelica.net
    Description: Multilingual encyclopedia composed around four sections: personages, fauna, flora & geographia. Image gallery about iconography, genealogy, history, art & taxonomy.

    Thank you in advance and greetings.

    Jaume Gorriz

  4. David Coslett

    I have an photograph of an ancestor in a post office uniform , probably taken in Wales . The identification number on the uniform collar is W21 and the style seems Victorian . Is there anybody out there that could help with location , an estimate of the period or any other information . I could E Mail the photograph to anyone who might help .

  5. I have two (2) Pollards (signed) that I inherited from my Great-grandmother who purchased them from a gallery in Boston in 1930. I have had them inspected and am told that they are in their original frames. They are entitled “York to London” and “Dover to Canterbury”. I am interested in selling the paintings and wanted to know someone there had any information on the best avenue to sell them.

    Thank you.

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  7. Dechlan Marriott

    I am 10 and doing a project on the second world war could you email me a picture of a stamp for a letter during the war.

    Thank you


  8. john spring


  9. Dear Mailer, Mailartists, Mailart Collectors, Friends,
    just found your page by searching “Mail Art”. A smal but important question:
    since 1965 I was collcting pieces about/from the MAIL ART ( Start, Necessity in depressed countries, Activities, Importance, Actualities, etc.) My nearly complete collection of the Mail Art History has about4000 diffenrent pieces ( Invitation infos for Mail Art actions; Letter, Postcards, Rubber stamp prints, anthologies, catalogs, books, Artists Stamps, Envelopes, Posters of MAIL ART Propjects, Rubber stamps ,…) I would like to sell this collection. Are you perhaps interested in that?

    I hope, you lik this Idea.
    best wishes
    Klaus Groh

  10. john kennaugh

    I have recently inherited an extremely large and well preserved stamp and air mail collection from my Grandfather. In the collection is a letter dated 10 March 1931 from Uganda. It states that is the first ever air mail from East Africa. I am interested in selling and wonder if this would be of interest to yourselves or if you could advise me of a valuation.

    Many Thanks

  11. Jennifer Angell-Gill

    I have over 200 postcards issued by the Royal Mail of commemerative stamps from 2 August 1978 to 14 November 1989 . Could you please give me a guide on valuations or tell me where I could get them valued.
    Many thanks Jennifer


    I was a TTA in the ’70’s (Electra House, Cardinal House, Falcon House).
    I remember King Edward building having a stamp museum.
    Where is it now, and how can i visit ?
    It would be a saturday.

    • Robert, you’re thinking of the old National Postal Museum (NPM) which was in King Edward Building and closed in 1998. We are the successor to the NPM and we manage both the old NPM collection and The Royal Mail Archive. At the present time the Royal Mail Archive and the Museum collection are housed in seperate buildings.

      The Archive is in Clerkenwell, London and is open on one Saturdays each month. While the Archive is primarily for researchers, there is a small display area which includes some philatelic material. Entry to the Archive is free. See our website for visiting information: http://postalheritage.org.uk/visiting/archive

      The Museum collection is at the British Postal Museum Store in Debden, Essex. It is open once a month for free guided tours, and at other times for special events. The special events are usually on weekends, the tours are usually on week days. Find out about the tours and events here: http://postalheritage.org.uk/events, or find out how to get to the Museum Store here: http://postalheritage.org.uk/visiting/store. Please note you must book to attend the tours and the Museum Store is not open to the public apart from for events and tours.

  13. Hi,

    I’d like to suggest an addition to your blogroll:


    The British Forces Philatelic Service (BFPS) is a newly formed not-for-profit organisation specially set-up to ensure that the Forces Philatelic Bureau survives and thrives. BFPS is a registered Community Interest Company (CIC), which is a type of limited company designed specifically to operate for the benefit of the community.

    The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has had responsibility for all aspects of military mail, including philatelic matters, since its formation in 1882. More recently, as part of a Strategic Defence and Security Review, BFPO was reorganised and as a result of this the Forces Philatelic Bureau was transferred to BFPS as the sole authorised body empowered to deal with all matters concerning the Forces Philatelic Bureau.

    BFPS is managed by two retired career Army officers, each of whom has had extensive experience working within the BFPO in general and the Forces Philatelic Bureau in particular. Both are dedicated to keeping the Forces Philatelic Bureau alive and are working hard to ensure the future of this important area of BFPO operations is secure and flourishes.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Kind regards,


  14. Hello, I would like to suggest http://www.refdc.co.uk as an addition to your blogroll.

    Kind regards,


  15. Hi,
    http://www.refdc.co.uk is not a commercial site but is my personal web-site. The aim of which is to display First Day Covers issued by, or related to, The Corps of Royal Engineers. It is hoped that this web-site will provide an online resource for people wanting information on Royal Engineers First Day Covers.

    Perhaps in the future I will change it to a .me.uk domain to avoid confusion.
    Anyway I don’t sell covers but I do swap given the chance.

    Thank you anyway for considering it.

    By the way do you have need for an online volunteer?

    Kind regards,


  16. Kristy Oswald


    I wonder if you can help me, my father has acquired some letters from 1908 to 1909 and they look as though they were posted to a solicitor in London. They have Edwardian Penny Red stamps on them but we are a bit perplexed because the postmark says RECESS in large capital letters. Would anyone happen to know what this means? He has looked online but is struggling to find any information.

    Kind Regards,


  17. This blog has so many treasures! I’m so glad to find this. Thank you for sharing.

    I’ve recently written about my Royal Mail Mint Stamps.



  18. Hi, I’m looking for information on actual wooden rubber hand stamps for the one penny. I believe it to be a plate 30. I’m just wondering if it holds any value. Thanks!

    • Dear Jennifer, That sounds very interesting! However, as a heritage charity, it would be unethical for us to evaluate any historical object. We recommend that you take it to a reputable dealer who can be of assistance.

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