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Mystery solved?

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an unidentified object which had been transferred to us from the former post office in King Street, Maidstone. This blog prompted numerous suggestions as to what the object was.

The mystery object

The mystery object

In a follow-up blog I added further detail on the object, and we received a few more suggestions.

The mystery object's internal plunger

The mystery object’s internal plunger

Thank you again for all your suggestions, and for all the extra details of when it might have been used and in which department – it’s been really helpful. Together with our curator we seem to have reached a consensus that this object is probably a blower used for removing dust, so thanks goes especially to those who put forward that idea.

We’re going to make a note in our records that this is the likely identity of the object, and we’ll also be recording the fact that this conclusion was reached out of a discussion with our blog, Facebook and Twitter users.

Clare George – Archives Assistant