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Meet the Staff: Day in the life of a Team Support Officer

Each month we are sharing what a typical day is like across the BPMA through our Meet the Staff series. This month our Team Support Officer Deepa stepped up to the challenge.

I am Deepa of House Admin and Central Functions; BPMA Team Support Officer, First of Her Role, Reporter of Facilities Issues, Coverer of Maternal Leave, Scanner of A4 Documents, and Assistor to all BPMA departments who require a hand. I’m very lucky to have a fantastically varied job that involves working with most of my colleagues in their various departments at some point.

Working at my desk with an essential cup of tea in hand.

Working at my desk with an essential cup of tea in hand.

My day-to-day work covers a range of semi-regular activities- logging call outs with the Royal Mail Helpdesk whenever things need fixing around our two London locations and letting people know that help will be with them shortly, requesting access to the Mail Rail tunnels for colleagues to get up to all manner of exciting subterranean activities, gathering and distributing paperwork for our Senior Management Team ahead of their fortnightly meetings and arranging their annual away days, and trying to not kill the Director’s plant on my windowsill despite its complete lack of a will to live (why does it keep flowering when it’s clearly half dead?) – that I tend to from the ergonomic comfort of my desk in North Islington.

Our Director's resilient plant

Director’s resilient plant

As our Secretary to the Trustees is currently off tending to her new addition I am also helping out by covering these duties while she’s away. The quarterly board meetings tend to require preparation to start at least a month in advance, and then can be supplemented with additional meetings in between so there’s always something to do from scheduling meetings between staff and trustees, to preparing, printing and posting reports for them ahead of meetings, then writing them up in a (hopefully) timely manner.

Important and colourful work

Timetable of board meetings and all other happenings at the BPMA

-Deepa Sebastian, Team Support Officer