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Culture and Diversity in the archives

On 13 August we will be holding our annual Archive Open Day on the theme Culture and Diversity. This free event will feature displays, talks and exclusive behind-the-scene tours.

Our special guests on the day will be members of the Post Office and BT Art Club, a 105 year old organisation which is the last remaining link between the Post Office and BT (British Telecom). The Club meets once a month to paint, and holds an exhibition every year. Join them on the day to view and discuss their work.

Owl by Post Office and BT Art Club member Alexander Ammah

Owl by Post Office and BT Art Club member Alexander Ammah

Also on show will be records relating to the 1968 and 1977 Race Relations Act, as well as files relating to postal packets addressed in the Irish language. Mail addressed in Gaelic was translated at the earliest stage of circulation, a position unpopular with the Gaelic League who was seeking to promote the use of the Irish language. The files date from 1900 to 1960 and contain details of the numerous questions raised in Parliament about the position, as well as media cuttings.

Additional exhibits will include files relating to local datestamps, which will show how these tied in with issues of local identity.

Come along to our Archive Search Room between 10am and 5pm on 13 August. Our archives team will be pleased to show you around. For further details see our website.