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Final Olympics stamps

The final set of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games stamps have been issued today, exactly one year before the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. This is the third set of ten London 2012 stamps issued by Royal Mail in the lead-up to the Games; previous sets of ten stamps were issued in 2009 and 2010.

Final set of London 2012 stamps

Final set of London 2012 stamps

The London 2012 stamps are Royal Mail’s largest stamp commission since the Millennium series, which saw more than 100 stamps issued during 1999-2001. 30 UK artists and image makers have designed stamps for the London 2012 sets, many of whom were first time stamp designers.

Paralympic Sailing, Athletics, Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby, Wrestling, Wheelchair Tennis, Fencing, Gymnastics, Triathlon and Handball feature on this final set of 10 stamps, which is subtitled ‘Get Ready for 2012’. Three first day of issue postmarks have been produced to accompany this set.

First day of issue postmarks

First day of issue postmarks

In addition to the usual range of philatelic products, Royal Mail has produced a composite stamp sheet which features all 30 stamps from the three Olympic and Paralympic stamp issues on a single sheet.

The stamps, first day covers and other products are available from the Royal Mail website.

Olympics Stamps 2010

In the lead up to the London 2012 Games Royal Mail is issuing 30 stamps, each showcasing an Olympic or Paralympic sport. The second set of 10 stamps is available from today.

London 2012 Olympics stamps - set 2 (2010)

London 2012 Olympics stamps - set 2 (2010)

Apart from the contemporary look of this issue (each stamp is designed by a different artist), what makes it so interesting is the range of sports covered. Modern pentathlon, taekwondo, goalball and BMX cycling all make their debut on a British stamp, while many of the other sports featured appear for the only the second time ever.

13th Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh & World Hockey Cup for Men, London stamps (1986)

13th Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh & World Hockey Cup for Men, London stamps (1986)

Several previous sets of stamps, issued for the Commonwealth or Olympic Games, have covered a wide range of sports, but none have ever included a Paralympic sport. Indeed, people with disabilities have rarely featured on British stamps – the International Year of the Disabled stamps being one of the few exceptions.

International Year of the Disabled=

International Year of the Disabled stamps (1981)

The first London 2012 set featured Paralympic equestrian and archery, along with boccia, a version of bocce for athletes with physical disabilities. This new set of stamps features Paralympic rowing, table tennis and goalball.

Goalball was developed for blind and partially sighted players, and sees two teams of three competing to throw a ball into their opponents’ goal. A bell inside the ball enables the players to hear its location. In the stamp designed by Tobatron, the bell inside the ball is neatly shown by giving the goalball a speech bubble.

First Day of Issue postmarks for London 2012 stamps (2010)

First Day of Issue postmarks for London 2012 stamps (2010)

The British Olympic and Paralympic teams hope to do well at the London 2012 Games, and quotes from boxer Luke Campbell and goalball player Anna Sharkey appear on the first day of issue postmarks which accompany this issue.

The Olympic and Paralmypic Games stamps are available from Royal Mail Stamps & Collecting.

The first London Olympics stamps

Tomorrow Royal Mail is releasing the first ten of 30 1st class stamps which will be issued over the next three years in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The thirty stamps not only represent the 30th Olympiad but will showcase thirty different Olympic and Paralympic sports. Each stamp is designed by a different contemporary artist or illustrator, giving this issue a distinctive and modern look. 

The first of the London 2012 Olympics stamp issues

The first of the London 2012 Olympics stamp issues

But London 2012 is not London’s first Olympics and these are not Britain’s first Olympics stamps; London hosted the Games in both 1908 and 1948 (the only city apart from Athens to be awarded the Games three times) and a set of stamps was released to celebrate the 1948 Games (there were no 1908 Olympics stamps as commemoratives were not issued in Britain until 1924). Unfortunately we are unable to show pictures of the 1948 Olympics stamps, but we can tell you a little about them.

Four Olympics stamps were issued on 29th July 1948 (the day of the opening ceremony) in 2½d, 3d, 6d and 1/- denominations. The designers were S. D. Scott (of Waterlows stamp printers), Edmund Dulac, Percy Metcalfe and Abram Games. Scott’s 6d design was also selected for use on air letters, as it was suitable for both photogravure (stamp) and letterpress (air letter) printing.

The first day cover cancellations for the first London 2012 Olympics stamps

The first day cover cancellations for the first set of London 2012 Olympics stamps

A special slogan die bearing the impression of the Olympic rings set against a background of wavy obliterator lines was produced and a special stamp cancelling machine was installed at Wembley Stadium (the main Olympics venue). The Olympic rings slogan was used on all unregistered letters (provided they would pass through the machine) that were posted in specially-marked pillar boxes in the Wembley grounds or at the Olympics Games Post Office.

Overprints for use in Bahrain, Kuwait, Muscat, Morocco Agencies and Tangier were produced, but according to a press report of the time one of the Muscat overprints was faulty. On 11th August 1948 The Evening News reported that Mr J G Clive, managing director of a stamp wholesaler in Maidenhead, received an order of 9000 of the 1/- stamps overprinted 1 Rupee for Muscat. They arrived in 75 sheets of 120, and Mr Clive found that one sheet had a fault: the 1 Rupee overprint had been printed twice. Mr Clive told the Evening News that his find was worth at least £3,000 (more than £81,000 in today’s money).

In total 3.5 million sets of the 1948 Olympics issue were sold, earning the GPO £340,000 – and the stamps were much admired by the public and collectors. The magazine Stamp Collecting even published an anonymous poem on the subject in their issue dated 14th August 1948.

To the Very Refined Lady on the 1/- Olympic Stamp

Dedicated without permission, to the Postmaster General, by his humble and obedient servant a Member of the Public

She bounces on a weary world
Skittish, coy, and fat and forty.
Her wings askew, her hair is curled,
She hopes she’s looking rather naughty. 

Oh Whitehall, dashing, carefree, frisky.
How did you draw a dame so risqué?
Perhaps you wished to make us start
With admiration at your art-
Or was it just a double whisky?

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