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Paul Eimers on The King’s Stamps

A few weeks ago we were very pleased to welcome Paul Eimers of security printers Royal Joh. Enschedé to the BPMA. Enschedé have worked with Royal Mail on a number of stamp issues over the years, but most recently were responsible for The King’s Stamps, a miniature sheet featuring reproductions of stamps from the era of King George V, issued to celebrate the London 2010 International Stamp Exhibition

The King's Stamps

The King's Stamps, released 6th May 2010

Recreating stamp designs from almost 100 years ago using modern printing techniques was a challenge for Enschedé. In a talk delivered by Paul Eimers he described the painstaking process by which the original hand-engraved die was copied and then reproduced to allow new stamps to be printed using modern intaglio techniques. You can now hear Paul Eimer’s talk by subscribing to our podcast.

This is the 8th BPMA podcast to be released. All of our podcasts feature recordings of talks given at the BPMA by philatelists, stamp collectors, postal historians and speakers with expertise in areas related to the history of British postal service. The BPMA podcast is free and can be downloaded from www.postalheritage.org.uk/podcast.

The King’s Stamps miniature sheet and related products, including a Prestige Stamp Book written by our Curator of Philately Douglas Muir, were released on 8th May and can be purchased from Royal Mail.