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Release of Working Horses Stamps

A new set of stamps issued today celebrates the contribution horses have and continue to make to working life in the UK. The first class stamp celebrates the work of the Riding for the Disabled Association.Working Horses also forms an animal thematic set, one of the more popular stamp collecting themes.

Working Horses Presentation Pack

Working Horses Presentation Pack

Our relationship with horses began around 6,000 years ago. Over the years horses have carried men into war, transported mail over huge distances and been a source of power in both industry and agriculture.

The Kings Troop Ceremonial Horses

The Kings Troop Ceremonial Horses, 1st class.

Dray Horses

Dray Horses, 88p.

Royal Mews Carriage Horses

Royal Mews Carriage Horses, 88p.

Riding for the Disabled Association

Riding for the Disabled Association, 1st class.

Police Horses

Police Horses, £1.28.

Forestry Horse

Forestry Horse, £1.28

Despite being largely supplanted by the internal combustion engine in the 20th century, working horses still have a role to play today, whether being used in state ceremonies by the Army, crowd control with the Police Force or for therapy with riding for the disabled.

Scenes in the stables of Messers McNamara and Co., horse drawn mail vans (POST 118/1981)

Scenes in the stables of Messers McNamara and Co., horse drawn mail vans (POST 118/1981)

Horses have played an essential role in delivering mail since the First Mail Coach service between Bristol and London via Bath on 2 August 1784. The last London-based mail coach, between London and Norwich, ceased running in April 1846. However, the use of horses by the Post Office continued for another hundred years.

Postman and Horse - Lantern Slide (1930s)

Postman and Horse – Lantern Slide (1930s)

The Special Stamps are available from 4th February online at www.royalmail.com/workinghorses, by phone on 08457 641 641 and in 10,000 Post Offices throughout the UK