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Photography competition

We are offering amateur photographers the chance to win a superb camera, as well as the opportunity to be a part of our upcoming photography exhibition The Post Office in Pictures.

The theme for the competition is ‘the Post Office in the UK’. Entrants are invited to submit an image that illustrates the theme, inspires the viewer, and evokes curiosity to find out more about what is pictured in the photo.

Among the Oasthouses, Kent, 1935 (POST 118/1151)

Among the Oasthouses, Kent, 1935 (POST 118/1151)

Finalists in each of the two categories (under and over 16 years old) will be displayed on the BPMA website, in selected media outlets, and during The Post Office in Pictures photo exhibition.

A panel of judges will select a Winner in both categories, who will receive:

Under-16 Winner: a Nikon Coolpix P500 camera *

Nikon Coolpix P500 camera

Over-16 Winner: a Nikon D3100 camera *

Nikon D3100 camera

These amazing prizes are provided courtesy of audiovisual retailer Sight 2 Sound.

For full details of the competition including guidance on eligibility and instructions for submission of entries please visit http://www.postalheritage.org.uk/photocomp.

To find out more about The Post Office in Pictures exhibition, which is a collaboration between the BPMA and Swindon-based artists from Artsite Ltd, visit http://www.postalheritage.org.uk/inpictures.

* A voucher alternative to each camera will be available on request.

The Post Office in Pictures

In October our new exhibition, The Post Office in Pictures, will open in Swindon. The exhibition will showcase a selection of inspiring images sourced from our vast collections.

In 1933 Sir Stephen Tallents was appointed Public Relations Officer to the General Post Office (GPO), and so began a major project to promote the range of postal services to the British public. One initiative was the establishment of The Post Office Magazine, intended to give a sense of shared community, camaraderie and endeavour. In order to do this, the GPO employed photographers to create beautiful, informative and often humorous photographs of the Post Office at work.

From strange creatures sent through the post, to the daily deliveries by land, sea
and air to every corner of the country, the photos featured in The Post Office in Pictures offer a fascinating set of windows on Britain from the 1930s to 80s – including some of the more unusual, unexpected and unseen activities of The Post Office and its people.

One of the images to be featured is ‘Basket Delivery’, a striking image from 1938 showing a postman at Greenock Promenade in Scotland. The postman’s basket contained mail from the Canadian Pacific Railways liner, the Duchess of Bedford. Beginning its journey in places such as New Zealand and China, the mail once unloaded was then sorted in the open air ‘sorting office’ of the Princes Pier before being despatched for delivery across the United Kingdom. We love the composition of the image and the beautiful cloudy sky.

A postman pushes a hand cart with a large GPO basket on it along a promenade, Greenock.

A postman pushes a hand cart with a large GPO basket on it along a promenade, Greenock. (POST 118/851)

To accompany the exhibition, the BPMA has produced a fantastic range of greetings cards featuring iconic black and white photographs from our archives, including ‘Basket Delivery’. The cards are now available from our online shop.

The Post Office in Pictures exhibition is open at the Post Modern in Swindon between 6 October and 5 November 2011. Find out more on our website.